AMD Consulting Group Evolves: Discover Our Specialized Service Divisions

With our commitment to serving your diverse needs better, we’re proud to announce the evolution of AMD Consulting Group into two specialised divisions. Now, our clients can experience even more focused strategies and solutions tailored explicitly to their unique requirements. Dive deeper into our two new wings:

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Master Your Digital Strategy

AMD Digital

Your destination for all things digital. Let us propel your brand into the digital future with state-of-the-art strategies and solutions:

Website & Landing Page Development:

Transform your online presence.

Social Ads Strategy & Execution:

Engage, enthrall, and expand your audience.

PR Services:

Making headlines for the right reasons.

Creatives for Content & Social:

Captivating content that resonates.

Elevating Your Sales Pipeline With Qualified Opportunities

AMD Growth Systems

Ready to conquer new markets and boost your sales? Our expertise is your greatest asset in the realm of lead generation and market expansion.

Cold Outreach & Emailing:

Direct strategies for immediate impact.

Cold Calling:

Personalised, persuasive, productive.

Market Research & Prospecting:

Knowledge-driven approach for optimal results.

New Market Entry:

Navigate new territories with confidence.


BANT qualified prospects to your pipeline.

Pipeline Management & Lead Nurturing:

From potential to purchase.

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